Monday, April 2, 2012

Six Is A Lucky Number

1) Describe me in LESS THAN FIVE words
2) If you could give me a nickname , what would it be and why ?

3) What is the first thing that got into your mind when we first met ? (kalau pernah la)

4) How well do you think you know me ? And do you wish you wanna know more about me ? I think this is gonna be a no 

5) Okay if you could spend a day with me , list me three things that we should do together

..6) Tell me something about you that I might not know yet 

1 comment:

  1. 1) friendly
    2)entah :D
    3)err..masa jumpe haritu first impression kau ni mamai baru bangun ke ape?
    4)hahahaa..aku rase aku banyak tahu pasal kau LOL
    5)hah??!!errr bowling,makan,ice skate,balas dendam 4 lempang
    6)err hehehe aku comel?? kay bye mon :D